Easy Chicken Dinner

2 Chickens


Cut vegetables and potatoes into small pieces for eating. Cut chicken into 8 parts. Skin chicken. Mix flour and seasonings in plastic bag. Place 2 chicken parts at a time in bag and shake. Remove chicken from bag when coated and repeat until all chicken is coated. Place potatoes in bag and shake. Remove potatoes from bag. Put about 1/2 inch of oil in Dutch oven and place on coals. When oil is hot, add chicken and completely brown on all sides. Remove chicken from pot and drain excess oil from pot. Put chicken back in pot. Add approximately 1/4 inch of warm water. Place potatoes and vegetables over chicken. Cover pot and place back on coals. Put 10 coals on top of oven. Cook for 1 hour or until chicken is tender. Check periodically to ensure there is always a small amount of moisture in the Dutch oven.

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