Mafeking Raid Campout

What could be more exciting than skulking through the dark doing daring deeds. Patrols will skulk and dare through a challenging night exercise to bring relief to Mafeking.

Your destination is Mafeking. The heroic defenders of this important outpost of the Empire have their backs to the wall. Unless a flying column can reach them with ammunition, medical supplies and military intelligence obtained en route, the garrison is doomed!

In this patrol competition we test our skills against several difficult scouting skill challenges, AT NIGHT. Working in silence you will try to calculate direction by the stars, cross ground while avoiding the enemy's searchlights, and finally build a tower and light a beacon to tell the post you are returning.

Day's Schedule 
6:00 PM
Colors Dinner 
8:00 PM Reading of defense of Mafeking by Baden Powell Mission briefing 
8:15 PM Final patrol preparations 
8:20 PM First patrol/personal inspections and orders issued 
10:30 PM First patrol arrives at camp Soup and hot chocolate served until taps 
11:30 PM Award Ceremony at campfire Saturday night 
12:00 AM Taps

We work on our skills and enjoy Saturday before the Raid. Sunday we wake up late, have some breakfast and break camp.

If you have a question, comment or suggestions, please E-mail:  Michael Warner

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