Gold Rush

Welcome to the 13th annual
Troop 22 Invitational Gold Rush


About the Gold Rush

The Gold Rush is a team competition. Each Team will need to pack for a long trip and many challenges on the way. This year you will be seeking a hidden treasure, deep in the Yukon mountains!

They should note that all gear MUST be carried the entire day, including cooking gear, food and fuel, however they can use backpacks for gear as well as their package device. Review Leave No Trace and backpacking skills when planning your day.

At arrival in the base town, each Team will receive their Trail Card and will be inspected by the Mounties for proper dress and gear. They will take a Team picture together. They also have access to the trail information and may take notes on direction, topographic features, etc.

There are multiple trails through the Yukon and each team will follow its own path where the Towns must be visited in the correct order. When the Teams leave the base town, they will proceed to the town of Whitehorse to being their journey. After they cross the river, they will begin to find coded journal entries, mapping their path and giving hints to other relics hidden in the Yukon. Directions to the towns are marked on the trail and the team can use map and compass to verify their path. At each town the Team must complete several activities; they will receive payment based on their skill, spirit and teamwork.


THE TRAIL: Throughout the day there will be opportunities to buy special items to help them with challenges or find shortcuts through the Arctic. Items you buy will be available at the town store or with the Mayor. Bring a SmartPhone to take part in the online market too!

Upon finishing the course, each team reports to the town of Fairbanks to cash in treasures and have their Bucks counted. We will close with an awards ceremony where we will hand out individual team awards and patches for the event. The day ends with an auction for goods where you can spend that Bucks you earned on the way. There will be personal and patrol equipment, gift certificates and other items you may bid on.

There are also many opportunities to complete requirements for rank and even Merit Badges.


Troops should plan to arrive at the camp Dining Hall between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM. Upon arrival, all Teams should go directly to the Check-In area. The Team leader will register and the entire Team must be present at Check-in.

6:30 AM Staff Check-in and set up
8:00 AM Team Check-In and inspection at the Dyea Base Town
9:00 AM Opening Ceremony in parade field
9:15 AM Stations open and the Gold Rush begins!
11:30 AM Each team will stop at Camp Elsa to cook their lunch
1:00 PM Second half of the Gold Rush begins
3:30 PM Event Stations close. Teams finish in Fairbanks
4:30 PM Closing Ceremony and Auction
5:30 PM Leave for home, see you next year!!!


Please stay until the end of the Gold Rush. Each team will receive their awards and patches at the closing ceremony.


How much can you earn?

You earn Bucks performing challenges, delivering packages, and finding Relics. The package delivery can make you big Bucks, but may mean carrying a heavy box for long distances. Relics are found at certain events or in locked cache boxes found through clues from mysterious journal pages. Finally you cash out in Fairbanks and have a great time at the Auction.








Known Relics on the Trail

The teams can find and collect ancient Relics along the trial. These items can be worth bonus Bucks at the end of the trail. However, some Relics carry a curse and even though valuable, they can make your trail more difficult.

Relics you may find in the Yukon


Negombo Portal


Richard's Shield


Invincible Ruby


Gui Jian Scroll


Uppsala Potion


Ivory Moon Boots


Dragon Ring


Knife of Cain


Stochov Lamp

On the Trail

Many fun things to see and do in the Yukon


Bucksaw Challenges

Yes, we use big saws

Air cannon

Git Me Dinner

Potato cannons


On the trail

A great day to be in the woods


Warm Me Up

Fire-starting race

Cashing out

Cashing out

Turning in the gold for coins


Prizes and Auction

Winners and a chance to spend your gold

What we heard today


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