Word Memory Game


In order to play this game successfully, it is necessary that the list of words and sentences given below be memorized by one of the players, who acts as leader. This leader, turning to his next neighbor, remarks: "One old owl." The latter turns to his neighbor, and gives the same formula. So it passes around the circle till it comes to the leader again, who repeats it, and adds the formula: “Two tantalizing, tame toads." So again it goes around, and again, and each time the leader adds a new formula, until the whole is repeated, up to ten. It is safe to say, however, that no society will ever get that far. All who forget part of the formula are dropped from the circle. Here is the whole: One old owl. Two tantalizing, tame toads. Three tremulous, tremendous, terrible tadpoles. Four fat, fussy, frivolous, fantastic fellows. Five flaming, flapping, flamingoes fishing for frogs. Six silver tongued, saturnine senators standing ostentatiously shouting: "So so." Seven serene seraphs soaring swiftly sunward, singing: "Say, sisters." Eight elderly, energetic, effusive, erudite, enterprising editors eagerly eating elderberries. Nine nice, neat, notable, neighborly, nautical, nodding nabobs nearing northern Normandy. Ten tall, tattered, tearful, turbulent tramps, talking tumultuously through tin trumpets.

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