Where's The Whistle?

Wistle, scarves

A number of Scouts are blindfolded and placed in a line at one end of the field. Then a Scoutmaster or Patrol-leader goes to the other end, and blows his whistle every now and then. The business of the blindfolded Scouts is to reach the whistle-blower and touch him. The latter may stoop down, but he must not move about. As soon as a Scout touches the person with the whistle, he slips off his scarf and is out of the game. The whistle-holder should see that no boys run into hedges or ditches; if he notices any of them straying; he must blow his whistle and so attract their attention in the right direction. Points are awarded in accordance with the order in which the Scouts reach the whistle-holder, the highest points, of course, going to the one who first reaches his destination.

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