What's Wrong?


Scouts should be mustered at a given point, and then divided into two sections, one section proceeding along either side of the street, crossing each other at the end, and returning on the opposite sides. They may be sent either in line or irregularly, the latter for preference, each carrying pencil and notebook or paper, and noting, during their journey, every article or thing which is out of the straight. It may be a placard fixed to a shopkeeper's door or board, or a small swing sign, which is out of the horizontal, window-blinds crooked, and goods in shop windows markedly crooked, and so on. Irregularities on vehicles in motion are not to be noted, as no opportunity would be given for the judge to verify. Upon approaching the judge each Scout signs his own paper or book and hands it over; points should then be given according to merit, and a prize awarded to the most observant Scout of the patrol which gets most points among all its Scouts. The idea is, that not only shall Scouts observe details, but also that they shall make their entries in such a guarded manner and at such times that Scouts following them shall not notice the entry being made. This may be worked with or without a time-limit.

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