What Is It?


Two Scouts start out and make certain signs such as a number, word, sketch of animal or bird, etc., with chalk on trees or the pavement. Signs or sketches may also be made in the dust or mud, on the ground or on banks. The two Scouts should also decide upon an uncommon sign to signify "What is it?" such as a circle with a line drawn through it, Pieces of wood bearing this sign may be taken out and stuck in plants and places where it is impossible to chalk the sign. The remainder of the troop starts out ten minutes after the first two, either as a body or separately, and take notebooks and pencils with them. The game consists of entering in their notebooks the signs which they observe. Where the "What is it?" sign is noticed they must mark in their books the nature of the article which bears the sign, such as "An Oak" or "An Iron Fence", etc. There must be no co-operation between one another. Points should be given according to the number of signs, etc., observed, and for the correct answers to the "What is it?" sign. Besides being very interesting this game develops observation powers, strengthens the memory and is a good botany instruction. When the game is over all chalk marks should be rubbed out, and care must be taken not to deface private property.

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