Candles, matches, flashlights

The premise behind the game is that Troglodytes have landed on our planet from another galaxy and are preparing to take over the world. The troglodytes have a faulty spaceship which will explode if it is set on fire. The scout's job is to sneak up to the troglodyte ship and blow it up. However, the troglodytes are more advanced then humans and have laser blasters that can kill the scouts. The game is played on a dark night in a large field with many hiding spots. The Troglodytes place a candle and some matches at a designated location. The Troglodytes then pick a place near 30" from the candle. Each Troglodyte carries a flashlight and is not allowed to move from his location. The scouts start at one location and must sneak up and light the candle. If a leader hears a scout he turns on his flashlight and blasts the scout. If a scout is hit with the flashlight then he is out. The game continues until a scout can light the candle or until all scouts are out. The flashlights can only be used for a short burst.

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