Treasure Hunt


The treasure hunt needs observation and skill in tracking, and practically any number can take part in it. Several ways of playing the game are given below: The treasure is hidden and the Scouts know what the treasure is; they are given the first clue, and from that all the others can be traced. Such clues might be: (a) Written on a gatepost: "Go west and examine third gate on north side of stream "; (b) on that gate Scout's signs pointing to a notice-board on which is written "Strike south by south-east to telegraph post No. 22," and so on. The clues should be so worded as, to need some skill to understand, and the various points should be difficult of access from one another. This method might be used as a patrol-competition, starting off patrols at ten minutes intervals, and at one particular clue there might, be different orders for each patrol, to prevent the patrols behind following the first. The clues may be bit of colored wool tied to gates, hedges, etc., at about three yards interval, leading in a certain direction, and when, these clues come to the end it should be known that the treasure is hidden within so many feet. To prevent this degenerating into a mere game of follow-my-leader, several tracks might be in working up to the same point, and false tracks could be laid, which only lead back again to the original track. Each competitor or party might be given a description of the way--each perhaps going a slightly different way; the description should make it necessary to go to each spot in turn, and prevent any "cutting" in the following way: "Go to the tallest tree in a certain field, from there go 100 yards north, then walk straight towards a church tower which will be on your left," etc. All the descriptions should lead by an equal journey to a certain spot where the treasure is hidden. The first to arrive at that spot should not let the others know it is the spot, but should search for the treasure in as casual a manner as possible.

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