Telegraph Cutting


An invading army always tries to destroy all communication in the invaded country, so the first thing to be destroyed is the telegraph system--and the defenders send out men to protect the wires. Choose a road with telegraph wires, and one which has good cover on either side. The defenders should have two patrols to the attacker's one, and only that amount of ground which will allow one defender to each telegraph post should be protected. The defenders need not necessarily keep to the road but may send out Scouts to discover where the enemy are in force and likely to attack. The attackers have to tie three scarves round a post (or double that number if there are two patrols attacking) before the line is broken. The defenders can put them out of action by merely touching, but if the defenders are less in number at any point they must retreat with reinforcements arrive. So the point of the game is for the defenders to keep in touch along the line, and be ready to bring up a relieving party immediately if the enemy threatens to attack any spot.

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