Spider and Fly


A bit of country or section of the town about a mile square is selected as the web, and its boundaries are described, and an hour is fixed at which operations are to cease. One patrol (or half-patrol) is the "spider" which goes out and selects a place to hide itself. The other patrol (or half-patrol) goes a quarter of an hour later as the "fly" to look for the "spider". They can spread themselves about as they like, but must their leader anything they discover. An umpire goes with each party. If within the given time (say about two hours) the fly has not discovered the spider, the spider wins. The spiders write down the names of any of the fly patrol that they may see; similarly the flies write down the names of any spiders that they may see, and their exact hiding-place. Points will be awarded by the umpires for each such report. The two sides should wear different colors, or be distinguishable from each other in some manner.

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