Snatch the Handkerchief


To play this game, form two squads of eight Scouts and line them up about fifty feet apart. Half-way between them place a stick, on which rests a scarf. An umpire should be appointed, who must take his stand close to the club or stick. When he says the word "Go," a player from each side dashes from the line, runs towards the stick, and endeavors to snatch the scarf before his opponent does so. The one who fails must pursue the other back to his line, and try to "tag" him before he reaches it. If the successful snatcher regains his fine without being "tagged," his pursuer becomes his prisoner; but should he fail, he becomes the prisoner of the other side. The game continues until the whole of one side has been captured by the other. If this end cannot be reached within a reasonable time, the side having captured the greater number of prisoners wins.

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