Smugglers over the Border

tracking Irons, sack

The smugglers have got their contraband hidden among some rocks, and it is entrusted to one smuggler to take to their hiding-place, a building or some place marked by flags or trees, about half a mile inland. One patrol act as smugglers and the one chosen to carry the contraband wears tracking irons and has to carry a small sack or parcel containing the contraband. The "border" is a certain tract of land, a road, or stretch of sand along the shore between the smugglers and their hiding-place inland. The coastguards (two patrols) have to guard the border with sentries, and keep their main reserve bivouacked some little way inland. As soon as a sentry sees the tracks of the smuggler (wearing tracking irons) crossing the "border" he gives the alarm, and the coastguards have to catch him before he can get his contraband to the hiding-place. It should be agreed that the smugglers cross the "border" between two boundaries. The length should depend upon the number of sentries--one sentry should have a beat of about 200 yards. The smugglers have to bring their cargo up from the rocks within a certain time, because the tide is coming in. They should assist the one chosen to carry the contraband by distracting the coast-guards and leading them in the wrong direction, because they do not know at first who is wearing the tracking irons.

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