Signalers' Game


The troop must be divided up into three parties or patrols, as follows: A. Patrol, B. Patrol and C. Patrol. A. Patrol will be the smallest, but must all be good signalers, and C. Patrol the largest. First, the A. Patrol goes out and takes a position on high ground, or up in a church steeple, or the roof of a house, so as to command a good view of a certain stretch of country. This patrol will take Morse or Semaphore flags, or other signaling apparatus. The B. Patrol will go out and keep under cover in this certain stretch of country overlooked by the signalers or A. Patrol. On going out the B. Patrol will endeavor to keep under cover and dodge or trick the signalers by appearing in different places and disappearing and will finally take up a concealed position. After B. Patrol has been out fifteen minutes, C. Patrol will advance; then the signalers will signal down to the C. Patrol, or attackers, the position of the hostile B. Patrol, and other details that will help the patrol to advance unseen and surprise the enemy or B. Patrol. To win, the C. Patrol must capture the Scouts of the Patrol by surrounding their hiding-places. If the Patrol pass by more Scouts of the B. Patrol than they capture it counts a win for the hostile B. Patrol. A time-limit of, say, two hours should be put upon the game.

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