Tennis balls

A fairly large circular area is marked out and all the Scouts but one take up their positions inside it. The remaining Scout is "armed" with a tennis ball, with which he endeavors, to "shoot" the Scouts inside the area. Each Scout who is "shot" comes outside and helps in the "shooting," but only one tennis ball is used throughout the game. The Scouts inside the area, by rushing from one side to the other, dodging or jumping, can delay being hit for some time, and when their numbers become few, the fun is fast and furious. The Scouts who are "shot" should arrange themselves round the circle, so as to pick up the ball quickly as it flies across the area. The game may be arranged as an inter patrol contest in this way: One patrol takes up its position inside the area, and the leader of the opposing patrol commences "shooting." For each Scout he hits he is allowed to have one of his own patrol assist him, the Scout who is hit retiring. The time taken to kill off the whole of the opposing patrol is noted, the winners being the patrol taking the shortest time.

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