One Tree Away


For this game a base is marked out, usually by a circle of trees with scarves attached, on fairly level ground free from stumps and loose stones. The next ring of trees encircling this base is the Defense Line, which is explained later. The party is divided into two sides, stormers and defenders, in alternate games, which may last from ten to twenty minutes each. The defenders remain in the base while the stormers, retire out of sight. As soon as they have taken up their positions, the umpire blows his whistle three times and the attack commences ; the defenders leaving the base and sending Scouts well forward to obtain all possible information of the enemy's movements. The object of the stormers is to get as many men as possible into the base, untouched by the defenders before the umpire's whistle finishes the game. Each man gaining the base untouched scores a point in favor of the stormers; he should sit down well within the base line in order not to obstruct his own side. No stormer may be touched so long as he has one hand on the trunk of a tree, and should he be unduly crowded by the defenders he may order them "One Tree Away". A tree affords protection to only one stormer at a time and may not be held by a defender. If a stormer is touched he must at once proceed to the Prisoners' Camp near the base, where he can watch the game and be out of the way of the combatants. When the game has started no defender may enter the Defense Line mentioned above except in actual pursuit of a stormer; on missing or touching him he must at once go outside again before attempting to tackle another. Patrol flags tied to small sticks (not poles) may be borne by some of the stormers, and a stormer who carries his flag into the base may demand the release of a prisoner.

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