Night Outposts


Two or more Scouts, according to number taking part go out in pairs with ordinary bicycle or similar lamps, an take up positions not nearer than 1/4 mile (or other agreed distance) from starting-point. They are called outposts and must not move their ground, but may show or conceal their light as they think best. One Scout goes out, say, ten minutes later carrying hurricane lamp to discover the outposts. He is called the runner, and must not hide his light. One or two minutes later the remainder starts out chase and captures both the runner and outposts. They are called Scouts. Outposts and runners must not call to one another. Outposts show their light when they think the runner is near, but must be careful not to betray their position to the Scouts. As soon as the runner finds an outpost these extinguish their light and make for the starting-point. When the runner has discovered all outposts he does the same. No Scout may remain nearer the starting-point than agreed distance-- 100 yards or so, according to circumstances.

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