Kick It and Run


This game is best played in a clearing in a wood, but can also be played in an open field. One Scout takes up his position in the clearing and the rest seek cover as near as possible. A football is rolled into the clearing by the Scoutmaster or some other person acting as umpire. The Scout inside the clearing immediately kicks it outside and rushes out to "tag" any other Scout he can find and catch but directly the ball is kicked back into the clearing, he must return and kick it out. No Scout May be "tagged" while the ball is lying still in the clearing. The umpire watches the ball, and directly it comes to a standstill inside the clearing he blows his whistle to indicate the fact. While the one Scout is returning to kick the ball out, the others may change their position or seek fresh hiding places. The Scouts who are caught remove their scarves or wear a white handkerchief around one arm, and then help their captor to catch other Scouts; but they must not kick the ball, and must return to the clearing each time the whistle is blown. The winner is the Scout who is caught last. In an open field the clearing is indicated by a white mark on the grass or corner posts, and Scouts have to elude capture more by dodging than by seeking cover. As a variation, successive patrols may "hold" the clearing and endeavor to capture the rest of the troop in the shortest possible time. The Patrol leader only is allowed to kick the ball out of the clearing. The winning patrol is that which takes the shortest time. In this variation the Scouts who are caught do not take any further part in the game.

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