Joining Forces


The troop should be divided into four equal sections (it consists of four patrols, so much the better). Patrol No. 1 proceeds to an agreed spot perhaps a mile distant, while Patrol No. 2 is dispatched an equal distance in exactly the opposite direction, the rest of, the, troop (Patrols 3 and 4) remain at the base as a united force. The game now begins: Patrols 1 and 2 represent allied armies each at warfare with the force laying between them, namely, the united Patrols 3 and 4. The supreme object of the allies is to affect a junction of their forces without coming into contact with the enemy, who outnumber either force by two to one. Accordingly they send out Scouts and dispatch-runners to ascertain the position of the enemy, and also to get into touch with their friends. If they are successful in evading their mutual enemy, and in joining up their full forces, then they are considered winners. On the other hand, the whole duty of the combined patrols is to prevent this junction from taking place by hindering all attempts at communication, and, if possible, by surrounding or ambushing one or other of the allies, and by capturing them, making a union impossible. If they succeed in preventing a junction until the time limit has expired they claim the victory.

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