Ill Fated Camp


Orders are given to a patrol to march in a certain direction until they find a camp, and, when they arrive there, they are to act as they think best. They find the camp after a short time, with everything disordered, as though there had been a fight. There is a man lying in the tent labeled: "Shot through the head dead." Near by is another man, with a label, "Broken thigh," while some way off there is yet another wounded man, who crawled away after he had been shot, and had fainted from loss of blood. It is interesting to watch different patrols at work. A tenderfoot patrol will very likely spend the first ten minutes fussing round the dead man when they arrive on the scene; and, after prodding him, poking him, and rolling him about, will, perhaps, make a stretcher, and carry him off for burial. After wasting all this precious time, they turn to the man with the broken thigh, and carry him to the tent to patch him up, making the fracture a compound one on the way. They then tie up the wrong leg with numerous granny knots, and, after some quite needless artificial respiration, leave the unfortunate patient to himself. The spoor of the third man passes unnoticed and he is left to bleed to death. But now watch the arrival of a more experienced patrol. As soon as the leader sees that the men have been wounded in a fight, he puts out two sentries to prevent another surprise attack; the dead man is briefly examined and left to himself, and the broken thigh carefully put into splints on the spot, and the patient gently carried into the tent. Then one of the Scouts notices that there are three tea cans by the fire, so they hunt round for the owner of the third. When he is found, a Scout's scarf makes a tourniquet, and the man's life is saved. This game makes a good subject for a display.

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