Hunting the Spies


Two spies have escaped from headquarters on cycles, and were last seen riding at a point about half a mile further along the road. This should be shown on the map to the Scouts who are to give chase. From that point the spies have to leave a paper trail, not continuous, but occurring every hundred yards. The spies, being handicapped by their paper, will probably be soon overtaken, so they must choose a good spot by the road in which to conceal their cycles, and when they leave the road they must leave signs to that effect (they had better run some way along the road still leaving the trail, so as not to show the hiding place of their cycles to their pursuers). When they have left the road, they need leave no further trail, but their object is to remain at large for a quarter of an hour and then recover their cycles and get back to headquarters without being caught by their pursuers. The pursuers should search for the spies and capture them. To capture the spies the pursuers must actually touch them.

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