Hat Ball, or Roley Poley


All Scouts taking part place hats or caps in a row. A throwing line is drawn or is marked 15 or 20 feet from the hats. A soft bail and a supply of marbles, pebbles, or small sticks are provided. These are called "babies." One Scout is chosen "it"; the others line up each behind his own hat. "It" throws the ball at the hats. Each time he throws and misses, a "baby" is placed in his hat. When the ball lands in a hat, the owner of the hat takes the ball, while all the other Scouts run away. As quickly as possible he throws the ball at one of them. If it hits the Scout, a "baby" is placed in that Scout's hat and he becomes "it" for the next game. If he misses, a "baby" is placed in his own hat and he becomes "it" for the next game. As soon as any Scout has five "babies" in his hat he is "put through the mill," that is, he must stand with his back to the players and each player is allowed a certain number of throws at him with the soft ball. This number may vary from one to five according to the number of Scouts playing. Where hats are not available, small holes are dug in the ground and the ball is rolled into them. The game then continues as above.

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