Game of Life


All the scouts save one start outside of the woods. They are considered the prey of the forest (deer, antelope, and small game). In the forest you place a large number of objects (hats, chips, scarves, etc.) which represent food. The prey must go into the forest and gather three items of food (and return them to the safety zone) or risk starvation during the winter. The one scout who is not prey is considered a predator (wolf, grizzly, eagle, etc.). The predator's job is to capture the prey. He does this by simply touching the prey. The prey has three methods of defense.
1. RUN - deer use it (Be careful if you allow running at your camp.)
2. FREEZE - a prey that is totally immobile is considered to by camouflaged, and cannot be touched until he moves (looks around, etc.)
3. HIDE - touch a tree to symbolize hiding in the tree.
Each prey carries one object to symbolize themselves. If they are "eaten" by the predator, they must give their chip to the predator that got them. They then become a predator for the next year. If the predator doesn't get three prey, he starves for the winter. Any predator that starves becomes prey for the next year.

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