Here is a Scouting game which Patrol-leaders will find useful when engaged in patrol work, apart from the rest of the troop. Each Scout in the patrol has a round disc of white cardboard, with a number printed plainly upon it, pinned on to the back of his shirt or sweater. One member of the patrol is then chosen as the "fugitive" while the rest act as hunters. The "fugitive" who wears tracking-irons, or leaves some kind of trail behind him, is given, say, 'ten minutes' start. The rest of the patrol then start out and endeavor to track him down. As soon as a "hunter" can get near enough to the fugitive," without being seen, to take down his number, the latter is caught. But if the "fugitive" can, by any means, turn the tables and get any of his pursuers' numbers, the latter are out of action. As soon as a number is taken down, the Scout who takes it must call it out, to let his captive know he is out of action. This game necessitates some careful stalking, and there is no "horse-play" in the shape of ankle-tapping. A sharp Scout in the patrol should be chosen for the "fugitive," as he has not only to elude perhaps six or seven pursuers, but he must also endeavor to "capture them," unless he wishes to get killed himself.

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