Flying Columns


A force is in need of help, and a military motorist on his way to the nearest garrison comes across a Scouts' camp. It gives to each Patrol Leader a quick idea of the situation and shows him a rough map explaining that the distressed force is two miles along a certain road and between the Scouts' camp and that force are the enemy's out-posts. The Patrol-leaders are to take their patrols in the shortest time to the force in distress without being seen by the enemy. The distressed force should be represented by any conspicuous spot, and the enemy's outposts by people with red flags stationed on the road between the Scouts' camp and the other force. As soon as they see any of the patrols they should blow a whistle, and those scouts are to be considered captured (or else they may notice to which patrol the Scouts they have seen belong and count it against them). The patrol which gets to the distressed force in the shortest time and without any of its Scouts being seen wins.

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