Far and Near


The Scoutmaster goes along a given road or line of country with a patrol in patrol formation. He carries a scoring card with the name of each Scout on it, first reading to the Scouts a list of certain things he wants. Each Scout looks out for the details required, and directly he notices one he runs to the umpire and informs him or hands in the article, if it is an article he finds. The umpire awards a point against his name accordingly. The Scout who gains most points in the walk wins. Details like the following should be chosen, to develop the Scout's observation and to encourage him to look far and near, up and down. The details should be varied every time the game is played; and about 8 or 10 items should be given at a time. Every match found: 1 point. Every button found: 1 point. Bird's foot track: 2 points. Patch noticed on stranger's clothing or boots: 2 points. Grey horse seen: 2 points. Pigeon flying: 2 points. Sparrow sitting: 1 point. Broken chimney-pot: 2 points. Broken window: 1 point

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