Dash for Pole


Two rival parties of Arctic explorers are nearing the Pole. Each has sent out one Scout in advance, but neither has returned. They know the directions each started in because their tracks can still be seen in the snow. What has really happened is that each has reached the Pole, and each is determined to maintain his claim to it and so dare not leave the spot. They both purposely left good tracks and signs, so that they could be easily followed up, if anything happened. These two, one from each patrol, should start from headquarters together, and then determine upon the spot to be the Pole, each approaching it from a different direction. The two parties of explorers start off together, about fifteen minutes after the forerunners, and each follows up the tracks of its own Scout. The first patrol to reach the spot where the two are waiting for them takes possession; the leader sets up his flag and the rest prepare snowballs, after laying down their staves in a circle round the flag at a distance of six paces. When the other party arrives, they try to capture the staves. The defenders are not allowed to touch their staves, but two hits with a snowball on either side puts a man out of action. Each defender killed and each staff taken counts one point, and if the rival party gains more than half the possible points, they claim the discovery of the Pole. Before the defenders can claim undisputed rights, they must kill all their rivals, by pursuing them; even if only one or two are left. The two forerunners do not take part, but act as umpires.

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