Compass Points

8 Staves

Eight staves are arranged in star fashion on the ground all radiating from the center. One staff should point due North. One Scout now takes up his position at the outer end of each staff, and represents one of the eight principal points of the compass. The leader now calls out any two points, such as S.E. and N., and the two Scouts concerned must immediately change places. Any one moving out of place without his point being named, or moving to a wrong place or even hesitating, should lose a point. When changing places, Scouts must not cross the staves, but must go outside the circle of players. When three points have been lost the Scout should fall out. As the game goes on blank spaces will occur. These will make it slightly more difficult for the remaining boys. To make the game more difficult sixteen points may be used instead of eight. When played indoors, the lines of the compass may be drawn in chalk on the floor.

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