Catch the Thief

Red flag

A red rag is hung up in the camp or room in the morning the umpire goes round to each Scout in turn, while they are at work or play, and whispers to him: "There is a thief in the camp;" but to one he whispers: "There is a thief in the camp, and you are he--Marble Arch," or some other well known spot about a mile away. That Scout then knows that he must steal the rag at any time within the next three hours, and bolt with it to the Marble Arch. Nobody else knows who is to be the thief, where he will run to, or when he will steal it. Directly any one notices that the red rag is stolen, he gives the alarm, and all stop what they may be doing at the time and dart off in pursuit of the thief. The Scout who gets the rag or a bit of it wins. If none succeeds in doing this, the thief wins. He must carry the rag tied round his neck and not in his pocket or hidden away.

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