Capture the Flag

3 Flags

This game is for two patrols, or a larger number divided into two parts, each under one Patrol Leader. Three flags (signaling flags will do) are posted within a given tract of country at about 20 yards apart. It rests upon the judgment of the leader of the defending party to choose the spot. He then posts his patrol not less than 200 yards from the flags and the game begins. The attackers send out Scouts to discover (1) where the flags are, (2) where the outpost is placed. They then try and reach the flags and carry them off without being seen by the outpost. One Scout may not take away more than one flag. The defending patrol may not come within the 200 yards of the flags, and to capture one of the raiders they must have at least two Scouts within 10 yards of him, and call out "hands-up." At a signal given by one of the Patrol-leaders or an umpire, to show that time is up, all must stand up in their places, to see how near the raiders are, and the exact position of the outpost. It is a great point for the Patrol Leaders to keep their own patrols in touch. If they like the attackers can arrange a false alarm on one side, while a single Scout makes for the flags from the opposite direction and secures one. At night lanterns can be substituted for flags.

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