Bull Fight


Twelve players are needed for the game, which is interesting to watch and makes a good spectacle for a display. The players: 1 bull, 1 matador, 4 Chulos and 6 scarf-bearers. Part 1 The bull enters the arena (which should be made by Scouts "forming fence") with four or five 6 in. strips of paper, pinned to his back. The Chulos try to tear off these without being touched by the bull, but if the bull touches them twice they are dead. The scarf bearers, who carry their scarves in their hand, run in between the bull and a Chulo if he is hard pressed, and by waving their scarves in the bull's face, make him follow them. If a Chulo is once touched by the bull, he is out. Only one strip may be taken at a time. Part II When all the strips are off, or all the Chulos out the arena is cleared and the bull blindfolded, with a scarf tied round his neck so that one pull at an end brings it off. The matador then enters and has, to remove the scarf without being touched by the bull. If he succeeds, the bull is dead.

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