Biter Bit


Divide your force into two equal parts, 1 and 2. Give No. 1 a capable commander, and tell him that they are operating in an enemy's country, and must look out for their own safety; also that a force of the enemy's cyclists are expected to move along a certain road at a certain time in a certain direction. No. 1 will then starts off and conceal itself in a good ambush. Then divide No. 2 into two parts A & B. Let A carry out the original program assigned to the enemies' cyclists, and send B round in exactly the opposite direction. Tell the Patrol leader in charge of B that a body of the enemy were seen on the road, and let him go and scout for them. Give him sufficient time to enable him to locate No. 1 (if he is smart) before A is due at the, ambush. No. 1 will probably be so engrossed in waiting to ambush A that it will have neglected to provide for its own safety against surprise. B may or may not surprise No. 1; and may perhaps be ambushed itself. In any case some instructive work can be carried out, work affording room for rapid action and thought on the part of all concerned. Any man seen exposing himself obviously whilst under fire should be put out of action, and made to act as umpire's orderly. Otherwise men should not be put out of action, but either sent back or made to join the enemy.

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