The main body advances along a road, with Scouts thrown out on either side to prevent any danger of surprise. Two patrols (the enemy) are following them behind, and attempt to ambush them by one patrol getting in front and the other attacking in the rear. They shadow the main body as it advances until a suitable part of country is reached, when one patrol attempts to g ahead by going round in a semi-circle and joining the road again further on. If they can do it, they hide an ambush and attack the main body when it comes up; the other patrol which has been following behind should then immediately attack in the rear. For to be a successful ambush the patrol in the rear should be able to attack immediately the ambush is reached and so, should follow closely behind. If the patrol making the semi-circle is seen, they should be followed and the ambush discovered; both they and the other patrol behind can be captured, just as in "Shadowing" by merely being touched.

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