Ambulance, French and English

First-aid equipment

The boys are all labeled with the name of some injury and are divided into two parties one French, one English. Captains should be chosen for each side, and certain boundaries agreed upon. Two camps are chosen as far apart as possible, and in each are placed as many objects as there are boys on one side. Anything that is light to carry is suitable, such as sticks, empty match boxes, etc. The object of the game, as in ordinary French and English, is for the boys on one side to obtain the articles from the opposite camp and bring them back to their own. There is no division of territory as in the ordinary game when played in a garden, and a boy is only safe when in his own camp, which must be quite a small space, when he is on a return journey with an article from the enemy's camp, or when he is on a return journey with a prisoner. The game should be played where there is as much cover as possible, as it makes it so much more exciting. The boy on one side who can first snatch the label off an enemy and read it has a right to make him prisoner. The prisoner must then be attended to with the best improvised treatment possible in the circumstances, and must accompany his captor to the latter's camp. It is of course a great object to obtain as many prisoners as possible without delay. The prisoner can only be rescued by one of his own side. He is free when he has been touched, and can then shed his bandages, etc., and return. The captain does not take an active part in the game. He picks up, and then remains in camp to put fresh labels on liberated prisoners, judge the ambulance work, and keep a list of points obtained for his side. The captain can be changed at half time if desired. The game lasts until the whistle is sounded at a certain time, and then the points on each side axe added up. Points are given as follows: one for every article from the enemy's camp, one for every prisoner, one, two, or three for the ambulance work according to its quality.

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