Ambulance Hotchpotch


Tables are arranged on which are various games, such as spillikens, draughts, sticking pins into corks with scissors, building card houses, etc. Two boys sit at each table and play against one another, and by each boy is a folded paper and pencil. When a bell rings, the boys begin to play the games: when it rings a second time, they leave off, unfold the paper, on which is a "first aid” question, and answer it to the best of their ability. When the bell rings a third time, all stop and give in their answers. Each pair then moves to the next table, where the same performance is gone through. The same questions must, of course, be asked each pair of boys at each table. When the game is finished, every boy's points are added together for both competitions, and the highest score wins. This game may be found useful for asking such questions as: What would you do if your clothes or those of another person caught fire? How would you treat a bad burn? How would you treat frostbite? How would you treat a foreign body in the eye or ear? etc., etc.

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