Junior Leader Training 

Recognizing the importance of the group in society, Scouts are organized into groups - Patrols. Each Patrol select its own leader - the Patrol leader, who appoints his Assistant Patrol Leader and divides the remaining responsibilities of leadership by appointing Patrol warrant officers (Quartermaster, Scribe, Historian, Campfire Leader, etc.). 

Scouts who are leaders are sometimes called "junior leaders." 

Adult leaders in Scouting are designated as "Scouters." A Scouter has been compared to the coach of a youth athletic team. This analogy is accurate only so long as it is a team where the "coach" does not determine the game plan or call the plays.

What is JLT? The JLT course gives the tools to the Scout leaders of the troop, focusing on the Patrol. 

Who should attend? The course is meant for Scouts beginning their first position in the troop. The focus is on the Patrol method and how to lead a group. Any Junior Leader in the troop would benefit from this course. 

When: TBD

Where: TBD

Cost: $5 per person, lunch included

This course is open to any Scout and all troops. 


If you have a question, comment or suggestions, please E-mail:  Michael Warner

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