One of the benefits of Scouting with Troop 22 is the ability to learn new skills and explore the world. In 2019 the troop is planning to head to the World Scouting Jamboree in West Virginia. While we are on our journey, we will see many sights unknown to the scouts except through books and movies. This is a big event and will require a lot of planning and work to accomplish.

Our plans are to travel from July 20th to July 29th 2019:

    Day 1    Leave for Valley Forge, PA
    Day 2    Visit Philadelphia
    Day 3    Mountain hikes in Virginia
    Day 4    World Jamboree
    Day 5    Football Hall of Fame, Ohio
    Day 6    Nigara Falls, Canada
    Day 7    Nigara Falls, Canada
    Day 8    Cooperstown, NY
    Day 9    Return home