BSA 100th 2010

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This trip is in the early planning stages:

Saturday       Travel DC 
Sunday          Washington D.C. 
Monday         Fredericksburg 
Tuesday        Jamboree 
Wednesday  Manassas and Bull Run
Thursday       Harper’s Ferry and Antietam
Friday            Gettysburg 
Saturday       Hershey Park
Sunday          Drive home

Initially we need to determine who is interested in going on this trip. Attendance for this trip will be extended to registered members of the Boy Scouts and Troop 22. Adults may participate and a minimum number will be required to attend for safety reasons.

For those Cubs and Webelos who are currently in Pack 22 and are considering crossing into Boy Scouts, this trip is an option. We will work with those scouts and their families wishing to participate and include them into all fund-raising opportunities to help defray the cost of the trip.

For all those participating in the fund-raising activities, the money raised will be split between all those involved in the activity. If participants change their minds and withdraw from the trip, their funds will be spread among the rest of the group. There is no refund or reassignment of funds raised by the troop to other purposes.

If you have a question, comment or suggestions, please E-mail:  Michael Warner

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